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The following testimonials are actual participants who have given their permission for us to film and post their response to the following question:

What was your experience with

Resilience Resources?

"I was somewhat reluctant to join the first Resilience Resources group last year.  I was sure that I was doing okay; that my husband and I had been lucky in so many ways and that there were SO many people who needed it more than I.  But my group really woke me up to the extent of our loss, and how much I had been trying to ignore that loss.  Virtually everything personal we had was gone; beloved objects from long-gone parents and grandparents, all of our daughter's much loved growing-up memory touchstones, and just the sense of safety that we had had in our Paradise home.  Our leader gently led us to acknowledge our losses and begin to mourn them properly.  Being in a group where all of us had suffered similar losses and being able to cry and howl with that group, knowing that no-one would try to downplay our sorrow or urge us to "get over it", was priceless. It is vitally important to make our own mental health a priority; the Camp

Fire was a traumatic event, and most of us have some serious PTSD.  These groups can help you to recognize your triggers and give you the coping methods you need to rebuild your life."- G.B.

"I joined the first Resilience Resources group last year. Although a resident of Paradise, I was away when the Camp Fire occurred, my house did not burn, and I did not lose my job. I felt guilty because my loss was seemingly insignificant compared to so many others. Yet, I was extremely stressed. I lost community and friends. I could not move back into the house I rented. Family members lost everything, and I wanted to be there for them. Like so many others I had to move into a travel trailer. I was invited to the group by the moderator. Those in the group were caring, understanding, and compassionate. I found that I should not minimize my loss and trauma just because others lost so much more. I learned that it takes a long time to recover from such a traumatic loss, and that there is no set time when that would happen. I also learned to ignore people who advised, “Just move on,” and put a time limit on it. Being part of the group gave me understanding of others who had gone through the tragedy, and comfort that I was not alone with my feelings and inability to make decisions. I was given tools for dealing with the stress of the Camp Fire. One important tool was self-care. If I do not take care of myself, I cannot help others. I believe that everyone who went through the Camp Fire should be part of a group like this."- Janice M.

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