Pathways to Wellness......

In collaboration with the Camp Fire Collaborative's Spiritual Emotional Wellness Committee and the Disaster Case Managers, and the Donations Committee; Resilience Resources is the proud host of this project to support your pathway to wellness. 


Please fill out the form by clicking on the link below.  This will let us know what supplies you need to resume your hobbies and self-care


We will be in touch within a week from the time you submit the form!

Click on this link to tell us what you need:

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The Basics:

Our purpose and mission

This project is to discover what kind of supplies you need to resume the hobbies and activities that make you happy.  We then work hard to find those supplies for you, free of charge.

This is for adults of all genders who are healing from the Camp Fire.  We do aspire to include other age groups but this will come in time.

We work to fulfill your desire for: supplies  to paint, create music, resume sports, resume hobbies or to find new passions, etc.  Please note the higher priced items will be harder to fulfill and that we will try our best to gift you the items you desire.  We however, cannot guarantee that we can fulfill every request. 


Pathways to Wellness focuses on supporting in-door activities and there are vouchers available for outside supplies.  Ask your Disaster Case Manager (DCM) about this program through Every Body Healthy Body.

We are thankful that you have taken the time to focus on what makes you happy.  Your interests and, you matter. We are proud to support your healing and be part of your pathway to wellness.


Doing things we love, directly supports

spiritual and emotional wellness.

Here are some ideas to help you resume your passions:

  • play an instrument

  • draw

  • read specific kinds of books

  • crochet or needle point

  • make jewelry

  • legos and modeling

  • get organized

  • do it yourself manicure and pedicure

  • cooking or baking

  • dancing

  • volunteer or help others

  • puzzles

  • board games

  • sew or work with material

  • write poetry and other things

  • paint

  • scrapbook

  • wood work

  • make or build things with kits

  • color

  • listening to music

  • aromatherapy

  • yoga or meditation

Want to help supply these tools? 

Donations needed! 

Here is a list of all unmet needs