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Resilience Resources

Supporting survivors of the Camp Fire to be resilient and strong with free support groups.

We support emotional & spiritual well-being.

-non-denominational, serving adults of all ages-

Resilience is taking a break with the rest of Butte County due to COVID.  Please stay safe and healthy. 

-Nov. 2020


Licensed Therapists

Our therapist are approachable, gentle and specialize in trauma recovery, and supporting you.


We serve:

all of humankind,

with or without a faith.

 We are: free of judgement &

practice total inclusion


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Groups of 10-12

We place you in groups of 10 to 12 people who have gone through the same crisis you have been through. 


Our goal is to help you feel safe and heard in a confidential and loving environment.  Groups meet in churches throughout various Butte County locations.


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Not a big time commitment

We know that time is short and we all tend to put mental health and 'me' time in second place.


Groups meet 1x per week for 10 weeks.

Have 1 1/2  hour per week

to spare?


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Can anyone say we are back to normal?
What is "normal"?

After escaping a tragic event and living through the Camp Fire, or any disaster, it takes a long time to find your new normal.  It usually take 1-3 years to have basics needs met.  Typically, year 3 to 6 are what it takes to heal the emotional trauma.  Let us support your journey in healing.

Some Questions you may be asking....
  • Are there effective ways for me to deal with my Camp Fire experience?

  • Will my feelings ever go away?

  • Will my life return to what it once was?

  • Why do I avoid people and places that remind me of the Camp Fire?

  • Why do I have trouble concentrating?

  • Will I ever get a good nights sleep again?

Every little bit helps.  Please consider donating.

Trauma effects 90%
of Americans

In our lifetime, 90% of Americans will experience a traumatic event. It can be a car accident, sexual assault, or a natural disaster to name a few.


It’s been over a year since the Camp Fire destroyed a major portion of Butte County. It is estimated that for most survivors, it will take one to three years to heal, release the shock of the evacuation, escape and loss.


About half of the individuals will heal themselves through meditation or spiritual activities. Often times, people down play their traumatic experience and their mental, emotional and physical reaction to what happened to them.


Some people even feel shame or embarrassment because they cannot seem to release the effects of the trauma. If they refuse to obtain help, their challenges and suffering will continue.

Taking the next step......

You can get in touch with us by:

Fill out the contact form below

or call Kristina L. Carter, Executive Director at (530) 433-9397

or email her at resilience11818@gmail.com


Anxiety & Stress




Healing & Acceptance

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We don't heal in isolation,
but in community
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