There is no slowing down progress, especially the progress

of the Butte Strong Community

These video's are a gift from one Butte County community member to another.

These video's are to support your continued progress towards peace-finding,

strength-building and resilience.

Video Library Links:

Theraputic & Meditation:

  1. Dealing with Grief Support with Mary Kearns & her guest Georganne

  2. Guided Meditation on Resilience and Gratitude with Rev. Kathy Fernandes

  3. Guided Meditation with Marion Tolen

  4. The Art of Journaling with Rev. Eileen Brownell

  5. Gratitude Journaling with Rev. Eileen Brownell

  6. Stress Management Fight or Flight, with Rev. Eileen Brownell

  7. Grief and Trauma- The process of Healing with Rev's Mary and Jesse Kearns

  8. Cultivating Resiliency- A Series of 4 Video's with Jennifer Johnson Jacobs from Sol Sanctuary-Understanding the Biology of Stress and the Brain Response: 1of 4

  9. Cultivating Resilience- Sol Sanctuary- Tracking Triggers: 2 of 4:-

  10. Cultivating Resilience- Sol Sanctuary- Shift and Stay Technique: 3 of 4:

  11. Cultivating Resilience- Sol Sanctuary- Help Now Tips: 4 of 4:

  12. Guided Meditation with Dr. Marv Megibow   

  13. A Series of 3 Video's with Malama MacNeil from The Center for Mind-Body Medicine-

  14. Soft Belly Breathing

  15. The Body Scan

  16. Wise Guide Imagery 

Body & Movement:

  1. Gentle Yoga with Amber French St. Clair

  2. Cross Fit with Rex Mosely



  1. Piano for the Soul by Thorensteinn Gunter

  2. Gratitude music video upbeat and happy!  Thank you Daniel Nahmod

  3. Clarinet Soprano Sax, and Ukelele Cover by Daniel Crispino

Spiritual Music

1. Marching To the Kingdom performed by McFARJA a multi-generation family

2. Heart Songs performed by McFARJA a multi-generational family

Art & Alternative Therapy

  1. Art therapy with Cynthia Schildhauer and Kristy Collins

helpful file for the art therapy video:

2. Essential Oils with Mairin Torr
3. Photography Tips with John



  1. Cooking Vegan lasagna with Addy

Video's for the spiritual care: Note, these video's may mention God

  1. A prayer from the Baha'i Faith with Jackie

  2. A prayer by Pastor Jesse Kearns, First Christian Church

  3. Guided Meditation: I Can See Peace Instead of This with Andy Turenne 

For your little's:

  1. The mitten song with Daniel Crispino and Araceli

  2. The mitten song (Spanish Version) with Daniel Crispino and Araceli

  3. The Itsy Bitsy Spider with Daniel Crispino and Araceli

  4. El Miton by Jan Brett Storytime (in SPANISH)with Araceli

Health Education Webinars (Courtesy of CSUC Public Health: Health Education Techniques Class)

  1. Smoking Cessation:

  2. Recycling:

  3. Fitness Education: 

 4. Mental Health:

In collaboration with the Camp Fire Collaboratives' Spiritual and Emotional Wellness committee,

and 5 caring Public Health students from CSUC; Resilience Resources offers these

stay-at-home resources. 

For information contact Professor Kristina Carter at

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